On December 1, 2020, the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville chose #GivingTuesday to announce that seven community partners have come together to collaboratively fund over five years of community licenses for organizations on the Madison County, Alabama CharityTracker network. Melissa Thompson, CEO of the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, recognized the Madison County Commission, City of Huntsville, United Way of Madison County, Huntsville Hospital, Crestwood Medical Center, Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Caring Foundation for their commitment to provide the financial support.

There are currently over 200 nonprofits, churches and community organizations using the Huntsville CharityTracker network to share resources and information, coordinate client case management, reduce duplication of services, and create connections to address pressing community needs.  Some agencies depend on CharityTracker as their internal case management data base. One agency has ten case workers using CharityTracker and they could not afford the almost $4,000 they would have to pay annually for subscriptions. We are so grateful to these community funding partners who have ensured long term funding for agency user licenses through December 2025.

Over 50 organizations joined CharityTracker in March 2020 during the COVID emergency so that they could continue to provide services to their clients remotely.  The value of this resource to help our community navigate the current COVID crisis cannot be overstated.  This new fund will make sure that CharityTracker will continue to provide vital connections for years after the current crisis has passed. Because there has been no charge for the software subscriptions, organizations were able to quickly form a network that has served more than 36,000 clients and distributed over $4 million in assistance in Madison County. Free licenses for an unlimited number of users makes it possible for more agencies to work together during good times and in crisis to efficiently serve clients, while reducing duplication of services.

The fund will be managed by the Community Foundation and they have waived all administrative fees. Please thank our funding partners that have made CharityTracker licenses available to our agencies for five more years.

by Jennie Robinson

Board Secretary & ELM Administrator

“There are two ways to live your life. You can live as if nothing is a miracle. Or you can live as if everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein