Pathway to Sustainability
A PAID Training Opportunity!
by Missy Hanks, Executive Director

The Pathway to Sustainability is a paid training opportunity for local nonprofit staff, Board members, and administration. The monthly meetings provide practical case management methods and tools utilizing outcomes-focused curricula and the CharityTracker software. Upon satisfactory completion of the cohort, the agency is eligible for a $10,000 grant provided via the Community Foundation and sponsored by Cintel, Inc., TVA, and Huntsville Utilities.

Topics addressed include: identifying agency mission and programs, mission drift and duplication of services, making community referrals to other nonprofits, the importance of data collection and retention, and goals and outcomes tracking and reporting.

Here is what former participants are saying about Pathway to Sustainability:

  • "This program is great! It helped us look at and evaluate the different stages of success for the people we serve."
  • "We needed this time together as a board to discuss these topics and our future. This was time well spent."
  • "Having the connectivity holds us accountable to the model."
  • "It has been extremely valuable to our agency because of the case management training. We weren't trained to record our assessments and what we give to clients.  This will help us a lot in planning and also in reporting to our board."
  • "We had no idea about CharityTracker and the abundant community resources."
  • "Our community needs this collaborative model."
  • "It's a no-brainer that we would participate. It gives us the ability and chance to connect to one another and to solve problems together."

NOW is the time to take advantage of this PAID training opportunity! The next cohort begins March 2023.

Please apply by February 15, 2023 at:

by Missy Hanks

Executive Director

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