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An African refugee who escaped a violent marriage with her young son. She received her certified nursing assistant training and then her RN with tuition funding and student housing grants from The ELM Foundation. She is now employed full time as a nurse and has purchased a home.


Raised by a single dad who worked at a local restaurant to support Brandon and his siblings. During high school, Brandon worked at the same restaurant and began saving money to help pay for family expenses and save for college. He received an educational grant from ELM and did so well in his university classes that he received a scholarship and made the Dean's list. He graduated with a degree in Business in 2020 and is beginning a new job in sales with a national telecommunications provider.

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Came to the US from Africa, attended high school while sleeping in her car, and earned money by doing hair for friends. After finding a home with a local family, she was referred to ELM and ELM was able to help her apply for college and provide a grant for tuition and housing. She graduated with a degree in Accounting and went to work with a national wealth management company.


An adult student who had exhausted all financial aid while he was attending college where he was majoring in engineering. He
was also supporting a wife and three small children while going to school. The ELM Foundation provided a grant to fund his tuition so he could stay in school and collaborated with a community partner to provide housing. He graduated in 2017 and is now employed with a local engineering firm.

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A foster child who was eventually raised by his grandmother. He graduated with honors from a community college and received a scholarship to a four-year university. After working to pay most of his own expenses, he received a grant from The ELM Foundation to help pay for tuition and housing. He graduated in 2017 with a degree in Supply Chain Management and has a great job, has gotten married, purchased a home, and is pursuing his MBA.


Graduated from Amherst with a premed degree. He is currently doing a research fellowship on the genetic causes and psychosocial consequences of delayed puberty in adolescents at Boston Children Hospital. He will start medical school in the Fall of 2020.

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Stay home mom who supplemented the family income by teaching piano lessons when she found herself suddenly divorced. ELM assisted Carolina with job skills training and building her resume. ELM also connected her with a local employer where she could use her bilingual skills. She has worked there for four years as an interpreting manager and has purchased her own home.


Left Central America following death threats from local drug gangs. He attended Brigham Young University and earned his degree in Chemical Engineering. He received a gap funding grant for tuition and living expenses. Luis is now employed by a startup company in Southern California.

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