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by Missy Hanks, Executive Director

We are thrilled and humbled by the community’s overwhelmingly positive response to the new online resource directory available to our community, We have received numerous contacts expressing appreciation for this new way of locating available resources.

In times of need, access to accurate and up-to-date information is crucial. serves as an immediate go-to virtual resource hub, offering a comprehensive directory of local services and essential resources tailored specifically to the needs of the Madison County/Huntsville community. Key features include:

  • Real-Time Updates: Community members can stay informed with live updates about available resources and support services, ensuring that they have access to the latest information when it is needed most.

  • Comprehensive Directory: Easily navigate through the extensive database of community resources, including shelters, food banks, medical facilities, counseling services, and more. To note, to be listed in the resource directory, the agency/church/helping group must be a 501©3 and a member of the Huntsville Charity Tracker network. The services and information listed in the Charity Tracker database populate this virtual platform.

  • Crisis Alerts: Instant alerts and notifications during emergencies are available, providing the community with critical information and guidance.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive website interface makes it simple to search and quickly find relevant resources, with filtered results based on specific needs. Note that this resource is most valuable when the agencies populate their Charity Tracker pages.

  • Language Options: Multiple language options are available including Spanish, French, Japanese, and many more.  

Our intent for this resource is to equip our community members with accurate and effective resources so that they can move beyond a crisis quickly and to a place of stability. At The ELM Foundation, we don't just ask, “What can we do for you today” but, “What can we do for you today so that you won’t need us anymore.”  We want to equip each community member with resources and opportunities for self-sufficiency and dignity. We appreciate the many agencies and individuals spreading the good news about this valuable resource.


If your agency IS NOT YET LISTED on please contact for assistance. 

If your agency IS LISTED on, please ensure your contact information and services are correct on CharityTracker! 


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